Split PST File Tool

Professional Utility to Split Large Outlook PST File to Small Many PST Files

Are you looking for a solution to split a large PST file to prevent data corruption? To prevent this situation, you should use this Split PST File tool that efficiently makes several PST files of small size after dividing large PST files. it does not manipulate any data contents and provide all the data in healthy form.

  • Efficiently split your large-size PST files into smaller parts for easy management
  • Preserves full accuracy while dividing Outlook archive PST file or active PST file
  • Splits corrupted PST file to prevent corruption due to over-sized PST file
  • Splits password-protected PST file with all emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
  • Provides option to break contacts & calendars by date with no file size limits
  • Facilitates users to split PST file by folder & create specific file for each folder
  • Ultimate solution to split both ANSI PST and UNICODE PST file
  • Works with all Outlook versions and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & below versions

Highlighted Features of PST Splitter Tool

Split Large PST File
Split Large PST File

Microsoft Outlook stops accepting any data that cross its file size limits. In this case you use this Split PST File tool that is compatible to prevent the file from being oversized by splitting large PST files into multi-files of small or manageable size. With the help of this tool users can easily divide any size of PST file as there are no limitations. This tool will help you organize Microsoft Outlook at all times, maintain productivity, and access stored data.

Divide PST File by Date
Divide PST File by Date

This Split PST File tool makes it possible for users to break up PST file by date. It has multiple ultra-fast splitting options from which users are just needed to choose “Split by Date” option to split the Outlook PST file. When you select a specific date then this tool will splits your Outlook PST files by date in two parts. In first part of split PST file you will find all the data ‘of and prior’ to a specific date, whereas, in second part you will get the data ‘after’ that date.

Cut PST File by Size
Cut PST File by Size

With the help of this “Split by Size” option provided by the tool, with the help of this feature user can easily truncate Outlook PST file into smaller parts by specifying a common size for all. After selecting this option, users can mention the PST file size range from 5 MB to 45 GB and then the software automatically divide the Outlook PST files size and generate new PST files of small size. It has the ability to reduce file size by smoothly running the split PST file process without any delay.

Truncate PST File by Year
Truncate PST File by Year

One of the amazing features of this Split PST File tool is that it allows users to split PST file by ‘Year’. Users can split Outlook PST files stored in different places in the system, by just selecting the "Split by Year" option in the software. Once you choose the “Split by Year” option, the software automatically upload the Outlook mailbox and split them on yearly basis, instead of splitting all items in the mailbox. For example, if a user splits PST files from 2010 to 2015, then this tool will create PST file individually for each years.

Split Outlook PST File
Split Outlook PST File by Email ID

This Split PST File tool allows users to break Outlook PST file using the “Split by Email ID” without hassle. Using this efficient feature, you can easily create new PST files, with all the emails specified in the sender's email address, and prolong the splitting process, as they do not need to split their entire data. The software can also split the PST file as it has the ability to split PST file with "From", "To", "Cc" and "Bcc".

Break Corrupt & Protected PST File
Break Corrupt & Protected PST File

This Split PST File tool is a risk-free tool that allows users to safely split corrupt Outlook PST files into multiple small PST files by keeping away them from the chances of data loss. Additionally, this smart software also has the capability to split password protected Outlook PST file within minimal time. Users just need to add the appropriate password that is integrated with the PST file and the tool will split the large PST file by encrypting it within a least possible time.

Split Oversized PST File
Oversized PST File Corruption Issue

This Split PST File tool is a proficient utility that efficiently splits oversized Outlook PST file which are already corrupted due to continuous growth of files size. Although, this software allows users to easily break the oversized PST files in multiple PST files of size closer or mare then 2 GB. The splitting process is very easy and it does not take much time to split corrupted files. This tool splits large or even corrupted PST files of your system or network in hassle free way.

pst splitter
Status Report to Compare PST File

As soon as the software completes the splitting process of large PST file into smaller files, it quickly generates & saves a complete comparison report of the whole process and save it as CSV. This report includes all the split information such as - Folder name, Folder path, Number of items in source PST files each folder, size of PST file, split option, selected size, PST type, sum and difference of items before and after PST file splitting.

Split PST File tool
Make New Folder to Save PST

This Split PST File tool provides you a “Destination Folder” option to save the PST file once the splitting process over. With the help of this option user can save their PST file after splitting; to any location of their choice. Additionally, using this tool you can also create a new folder directly from the software panel to save the files in it. However, by default your CSV file report will also saved on the same location.

Split PST File
Preserves Original PST Structure

This Split PST File tool is a safest way to remove specific mails from the large PST file and stores in a new PST file without changing the structure or the content of the data. Even after splitting the large PST file into multiple small PST files this tool preserves the email Metadata including Date, subject, from, to, cc, and etc. Besides, it also preserves the RTF and HTML format email messages stored in the PST files without any issues.

PST Splitter
Option to Choose Outlook Format

This Split PST File tool is highly compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and even with MS Outlook including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and others. While splitting PST file with this tool you need to choose an “Outlook format” option provided by the software. Here, you also need to select the MS Outlook format which you are using currently. Once you specify the Outlook version, the tool automatically detect the Outlook version and split your PST files into small parts smoothly.

Procedural Screenshots of PST Splitter Software

User can see step by step working process of Split PST File tool

Procedural Video of PST Splitter Tool

We offer working video of PST Splitter to understand the software working easily

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Single User


Standard, Professional, Premium, & Technician

Basic System Requirement



Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 8.1, Win7, Win7 Ultimate, Vista, and all the Windows Server versions


2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

250 MB free space

PST Splitter Tool: Demo and Full Version Feature Comparison

Feature Demo Version Full Version
Split PST files as per user requirements
Maintain the integrity of original data
Maintain Secure Perimeter for PST Slicing
Preview of Split PST files before Saving
Split Even Password-Protected PST files
Support all MS Outlook versions
Compatible with all Windows OS
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
File Saving Capabilities Only Preview
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Try Free Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions - PST Splitter Tool

You can clearly split large PST files into smaller ones with the help of our Split PST file tool:
  • Step 1: Download & Run Split PST Tool
  • Step 2: Click on the Split option
  • Step 3: Select version of Outlook application
  • Step 4: Select any of the options: Split by Size, Split by date, Split by year, Split by folder, & Split by email ID
  • Step 5: Click on the Split button to split one PST to multiple files.
Yes! Split PST File software intelligently integrates the functionality of split, password-protected PST files. You just need to check the password protected file and enter the correct password for further operation.
You can use the date range feature available in the software, which easily extracts a year or older PST file. Thus, you do not need to make any effort to identify and search for old PST files.
Off course yes, This Split PST File tool is specially designed for scanning PST internal data for equally efficient data split operations on all items. The tool can easily split email data items such as contacts, calendars, logs, email folders, etc.
Yes, software can split damaged, corrupt or inaccessible PST files in hassle free way within couple of clicks. You can use a PST repair tool after splitting a large damaged PST file.
Yes, you need to purchase the full version, as the free version only allows you to preview the split files items of PST file after the complete split operation.

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