SharePoint Database Recovery

There are many problems come with SharePoint Server when it is down. However, SharePoint stores all its contents in a separate SQL Server machine. So, each data is not lost. The main problem is recovery. The recovery is based on two servers. The first one is running all your SharePoint services and the second one is Dedicated SQL server. Most users run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, but most people also apply Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). Most of the configurations in SQL Server databases are based on recovery of SharePoint databases. So you need to recover all the necessary components? You may proceed with the suggested recovery steps:

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Recover the lost SharePoint contents with SharePoint Recovery Tool

SharePoint Database Recovery Software steps:

1. Install the trial version of SharePoint Database recovery tool on your pc and donít upgrade the OS at this point.

2. Add the MOSS.Admin account to your local administrator group on the server. Make sure this has logon permission to your SQL Server system.

3. Remove the old account from AD join the new server and domain and reboot your computer.

4. Install the .net framework version that you had on previous server. At least version 3.0 would be recommended.

5. Install MOSS and startup by logging on as an administrator (MOSS.Admin). Run the setup from your installation media of SharePoint.

6. Install all updates that can match with your last updated version. For doing this, make sure that you have applied the individual WSS update first and MOSS update second. After each update, the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard will start. When done, finish it simply.

7. After applying all the updates, you are enabled to create the server farm. You can start by launching the SharePoint products and Technologies Configuration wizard to access the Microsoft Office server group on the Start Menu.

If the above procedure did to work for you then you go through this software which makes all steps easy and follow the instruction. This software will restore your database in accurately manner.

Key Features of SharePoint Server Database Recovery

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The SharePoint Database recovery software provides the robust solutions of database recovery in a simple and easy manner. This also allows you to recover the MDF files in offline mode. If you are searching for the recovery software like this, you are at the right spot. From here, you may get the Free Trial version of this software to check the features and to see the recovery process. In free trial version you can see the preview of repairable data in preview items but you are restricted to save it. You need to register the full version license to save the repairable data.