Linux Data Recovery Software

Here often comes the situation when you wrongly format the external hard drive which contains lots of precious data. Sometimes, we delete very important file wrongly from the computer permanently (also from the bin). You may think, getting the files back is quite impossible after these attempts, but it isnít in reality. Just a pointer of a file is deleted from the disk Ė data remains on hard disk. When the file is Ďdeletedí, only the entry is removed from the table of contents. This indicates that only the space can be used to store the new data.

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Get your lost precious data back with Linux Recovery Software

What helps to recover lost linux data?

If you have wrongly deleted an item from any space, donít overwrite it with new data. This makes difficult to recover the lost data as it gets messed up. In this way to recover the lost data, here comes the advanced Linux Data Recovery tool. This tool is also used to recover lost partitions and to make non-bootable disk bootable. This software is used to recover files:

  • Deleted from the pc and emptied from the recycle bin
  • Corrupt file due to virus, power failure or sudden shutdown
  • From the disks that have been re-formatted in the same or other file systems

In addition to this, the Linux Data Recovery tool mounts the image of entire disk and recovers it from there to safeguard it from other damage to the disk.

Functions of Linux Data Recovery

Advanced Linux Data Recovery Software performs the following operations:

  • Fix disk partition tables and recover lost partitions
  • Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
  • Rebuild the FAT12, FAT32 and FAT16 boot sectors
  • Fix FAT tables
  • Recover the NTFS boot sector from its backup
  • Rebuild the NTFS boot sector
  • Locate the backup of ext2, ext3 and ext4 partitions
  • Copy files from deleted FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2, ext3 and ext4 partitions.

Using Linux File Recovery

Recover Linux Partition software is designed to recover individual files like zip, office, pdf, html, jpg and other file extensions. It recovers files by searching the deleted files and copying the same to another disk. Also this software is made to recover a lot of files in the large partitions. Here are the possible modes of recovery by this software:

1. Recovers to a separate hard drive

2. Recovers to a networked storage drive.

3. Recovers to a separate partition on the same hard disk.

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